Surrounded by Natural Beauty

The old mill land was once the home to the oldest building, ( the mill ) dating back to 1886, and was burnt to the ground in 1995. The land today is a reminder to the old folk from the surrounding area of what the Mill once meant to them, and the impact it had on the men and women of the nearby towns. (Jobs and selling logs to the mill, to make money to feed their families ).

What once was the oldest Heritage site, is now and will be one of the most Natural and environmentally friendly, family adventurous campground. The park has the balance and beauty second to none. The sound of the Main Brook River that runs around three sides of the land would soothe anyones soul. The river has abundances of swimming holes, and three natural water falls on it. There is also a natural drinking well.

Along the river there is a 5 mile hiking trail that is breathtaking with its boldness and freedom of the wilderness. On the front of the park 100 feet away is the railway bed with endless freedom to the open country to do whatever you want. ATV, horseback riding, walking, dirtbiking, hiking, mountain biking, picnics, winter snowshoeing, skiing, skidooing, and sleigh rides.

The adventure of The Oldmill Park is endless and timeless.